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Fiesta® Process Tools

Comit's Fiesta® is an integrated set of tools with a vision to painlessly transform specifications to product, by producing as much of code and documentation automatically as possible, and simultaneously setting up a compatible verification environment from the start. Designers, therefore, are free to focus on designing state machines and creating tests. Coexists with industry standard EDA tools for simulation, synthesis and layout.

The Fiesta® toolkit addresses key design issues such as Design Entry, Change Management, Design Verification to get your designs up and running early with a high confidence level.

Fiesta® Installation Modes:

Standalone Mode: The following Fiesta® process Acceleration Tools can be purchased and used in standalone mode:

Integrated Toolkit Mode: The Fiesta® Process Standardization & Acceleration Toolkit is also available as a set of integrated tools where the output of one tool forms the input of another tool in the chain. Click here for an Overview of the Integrated Fiesta Process Standardization & Acceleration Toolkit.




    toolkit proven at Comit
    Contract Engineering

    Installs in standalone
    or integrated mode

    Jump-starts design and
    verification cycles

    Addresses key design
    - Architecture layout

    - Controlled Design Entry
    - Automatic Code       Generation
    - Automatic Change       Management
    - Integrated Verification
    - Automatic Documentation

    Supports multi-million
    gate complex SoCs

    Coexists with Industry
    Standard EDA tools