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Imagine a Quick Reference Card (QRC) for Hardware Description Languages in the palm of your hand. Imagine the convenience of accessing it anywhere. On the road. At a code review meeting. Anytime. Imagine being able to download it for FREE.

Whether you design in Verilog or VHDL, you will find a Comit QRC for your PDA, be it a Palm®, Handspring® Visor® or a Pocket PC.

For Palm OS® PDAs, the Comit QRCs are available in the .prc format and can be read using the FREE MobiPocket Reader (available for download from Comit).

The Comit QRCs will work on Palm, Handspring Visor, Sony Clie or any other device running the Palm OS.

For Win-CE and Pocket-PC the Comit QRCs are available in the .lit format used by e-books. The .lit format files will work on Casio-Cassiopea, Compaq-iPAQ and HP-Jornada series pocket PCs. They can be read by FREE MobiPocket Readers for Win-CE and Pocket-PC (available for download from Comit), or Microsoft Reader. If your Win-CE device did not come with the Microsoft® Reader pre-loaded, it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

Technical Support is neither available nor planned for the Comit QRCs for PDAs. >> Download Now

Casio, Casio-Cassiopea, Compaq, Compaq iPAQ, HP, HP-Jornada, Palm, Handspring, Visor, Sony, Clie, Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Reader are trademarks of the respective companies.
Palm OS is a registered trademark of Palm, Inc. or its subsidiaries
Verilog is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

QRCs are for quick reference only; always consult the Lanaguage Reference Manual from your HDL vendor.